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The Rush Parody Archive features hundreds of parodies from the greatest radio show on earth! 

Noble Peace Prize
(Rush Limbaugh: Peace Through Radio)
(EIB Carbon Offsets)

The Rev. Al & Rev. Jackson Superteam
(The Justice Brothers)
(The Justice Brothers Return)

Rev. Al Phone Sings...
(Rev. Al Calls Obama)
(Rev. Al Still Protesting Obama)
(Justice Bros White House Beerfest)
(The Justice Bros: Harry Reid)
(Justice Bros: Taking It To The Streets)
(Sharpton March)
(Jesse Says the N Word)
(The Justice Brothers)
(Justice Brothers - Imus)
(The Justice Brothers: Return)
(Justice Brothers: Racial Credits)
(Justice Brothers: Rapid Excuse System)
(Justice Brothers:  Paris Hilton)
(Justice Brothers:  OJ Returns)
(Justice Brothers:  Reach Out to Bill)
(Justice Brothers:  Insurance)
(Can't Say That!)

Web Exclusives!
(Lockhart Messages)
(Capital Hill Bank)
(Capital Hill PO)
(Dominatrix Reloaded)
(X-People: Candidates United)
(Saddened- Tom Daschle)
(Crinkly Cellophane PSA)

Featured Classics
(Rush Counter Ad: I Hope He Fails)
(Brokaw: I Read The News)
(CSPAM Book Club)
(You Don't Nomi)
(The Crazy World of Arthur Brown -- Fire!)
(Zell Miller's Classic)
(Tomorrow's Fabulous Army)
(Una Paloma Blanca)
(Shine the Light of Truth)

John 'Breck Girl' Edwards
(John Edwards, Dear Diary)
(Breck Girl & Bee Gees Sing Together)
(Bill's Ballad for the Breck Girl)
(I Am Woman!)
(Why I Love Gays)
EIB Updates & PSAs
(Barney Frank: Banking Queen)
(Barney Frank Update Theme: My Boy Lollipop)
(Rove Conspires with Big Oil PSA)
(Soros Zarqawi PSA)
(Soros Anti-Big Oil Ad)
(UAE Port News Update Theme)
(UAE Soros Port PSA)
(EIB PSA Plea to the Liberals)
(Stop Judge Alito Ad)
(NSA Wiretap PSA)
(Millions More March)
(Stop Judge Roberts 3 PSA)
(Stop Judge Roberts 2 PSA)
(Cindy Collector Plate PSA)
(Stop Bush PSA)
(Stop Judge Roberts PSA)
(PSA Stop Rove!)
(NEA - Constitution)
(Democrat PSA - Don't Shop)
(PEST Hotline)
(Animal Rights Update)
(CNN Disclaimer)
(Reporter School)
(New Lucky Butts)
(Too Much Fast Food)
(Democratic PSA)
(Nancy Pelosi Update Theme)
(We're Fierce! We're Feminists! And We're in Your Face!)
(Timber Update)
(Democratic PSA - Don't Shop)
(Socialism in Your Neighborhood)
(Bad Living Magazine)
(The Federal Baggage Screeners)
(Dependence Day)
(Gorbasm Update Theme)
(Operation Permanent Soprano)
(The Moderate Fight Song)
(OK State Legislature: It's OK to Spank)
Senator John McCain (R-Media)
(Green McCain )
(Citizen McCain)
(McCain: If You Don't Know Me By Now)
(Who Wants McCain?)
(McCain Love Story)
(McCain: Bomb, Bomb Iran)
(McCain: Be Our Guest Worker)
(McCain On Immigration)
(Saddlesore Canyon)
(Straight Talk Express Holiday Fun Pack)
(McCain Explains Legal Ads)
(Double Talk on The Wild Side)
(McCain & the Media: A Love Story #1)
(McCain & the Media: A Love Story #2)
(McCain as Patton)
(Should I Stay or Should I Go?)
(McCain Mutiny)
John F. Kerry Parodies & Themes
(Kerry Sings "Pariah")
(Spokesman for Defeat)
(Jesse & Kerry)
(Just A Gigolo)
(Kerry's Island)
(Mighty Mouse Theme)
(Bad Vibrations)
(Dawn of The Brain Dead Candidate)
(I Was In Nam)
(History As I Know it)
(DNC Eye for the Dull Guy) (The Day After Election Day)
(cBS - Kerry admits he's a....liberal)
Featured Instant Classic
(You Don't Nomi)
Teddy "The Swimmer"
(Teddy Translates Osama or Vice-Versa)
(Osama Obama)
(Teddy Gone Wild: Uncensored)
(Let's Bork Again)
(Uncle Albert)
(The Philanderer)
Assorted Wackos
(Barney Frank: Call Him Up To Massachusetts)
(When Harry Met Bobby)
(Kim Jong Ill Missles)
(Olympia Snowe: My Vote Today)
(Kim Jong Ill Missles)
(Seminar Caller Update)
(Chris Matthews & Dan Rather: Watermelons)
(Message From Kim Jong)
(Putin Nuke Mess)
(KSM Sue New York)
(Putin Missile Shield Message)
(Kim Jong Ill Message 2)
(Kim Jong Ill Message)
(A Barney Frank Moment)
(Behind Rangel)
(Putin Polish Missile)
(Statement from Vladimir Putin)
(Scott McCBook)
(Scary Dems)
(Rangel: Maximum Tax)
(Harry Reid: The Letter)
(Ross Perot: Adios, Good Luck)
(Farrakan Skin Cream)
(OJ: If I Did It Again)
(Osama Video Translation)
(Schumer's Guide to Loser History)
(Trent Lott's Message)
(Spanglish Anthem)
(Grease Easy: TransFat Ban)
(Mama" Told Me Not To Run)
(Murtha Soros Ad)
(Larry Flynt Calls Jim Webb)
(Sharpton Sings "Cynthia's Mother")
(Message from Kim Jong Il)
(NYT For Terrorists Ad -30)
(Cindy 4 Senate)
(Everyone Knows It's Cindy (Sheehan)
(Saddam's Family)
(Dick's Imaginary Friend)
(Dean Songs of the South)
(The Byrd)
(Dixie Chicks New Record)
(Call Me Rev. Al)
(They're Coming to Take Me Away)
(Louie Louie)
(12 Days of Ramadan)
(I Saw Osama Kissing Omar's Goat)
(Taliban On The Run)
(Larry King w/ James Carville, Ken Starr)
(Carville Shakespeare Classics)
(Dueling Bozos)
(The Michael Dukakis Victory Band)
(Farrakhan "Candy Man" tune)
(Who Wants to be a President?)
(Rev. Jackson's Stunning Rendition of Paul Anka's "Having My Baby")
(John Rocker Rehab)
(Ross Perot on the Carnage of Y2K)

Tom "Puff" Daschle
(Daschle Coast2Coast)
(Daschle Fulltime Host)
(Don't Be Serious - Puff & Teddy)
(This Is Tom PSA)(Tom Daschle Show 1)(Tom Daschle Show 2)(Tom Daschle Show 3)
(Daschle Answering Machine)
Barack Obama
(Behind Scenes Mosque)
(Obama Sings "Take it Back")
(Tea Party Crash)
(Andy Griffin: Goodcracker)
(Behind Scenes New Course)
(Behind the Scenes McChrystal)
(See You in November!)
(Where the Jobs Are)
(Oil on Water)
(Obama Summer Recovery Unemployment)
(Kagan Qualifications)
(Losers Call Obama)
(School Mess)
(ObamaCare 125)
(Obama National Service)
(Pull the Plug)
(Obama Olympics)
(Afghan Mess)
(Obama Answering Machine)
(Obama Don't Smell)
(The People Czar)
(Obama: PTSPSA)
(Obama: WWFPSA)
(Obama China)
(My Runaway)
(Bush Pronoun)
(Everything Is Bush's Fault)
(Barry Obama Croons "Arizona")
(Kid Songs of the Revolution)
(Community Organizer College)
(Obama: Interrogation Pro)
(Obama: American Lie)
(Obama: Out Of Control Doctors)
(Obama Old People)
(Carter Calls Obama)
(Obama Stimulus Message)
(Do the Bloat)
(Obama Shrink)
(Obama to the World)
(Obama Miranda)
(ObamaMan Can)
(Obama Photos)
(Obama Interrogation)
(Obama: I'm Sorry)
(Memo to Management)
(Tax Day)
(Obama Youth)
(Obama Every Cent You Make)
(Obama On Leno)
(Obama: I'll Bring It Down)
(Party Like It's 1929)
(I Am Barack)
(Obama Missed)
(Obama Recession)
(Leave it to Barry)
(What A Wonderful Fall...)
(Obama Feng Shui)
(Obama Biggest Story)
(All My Radical Friends)
(Obama Vacation Apology)
(Obama Halloween)
(Obama Infomercial)
(Obamas Aunt)
(Obama Meets McCain)
(Jesse Cutting Obama)
(Obama Messiah Change)
(Blazing Liberal)
(Obama Travel Stops)
(Obama See and Say)
(Obama Rezko)
(Obama Messiah)
(Obama Cape Girardeau Tour)
(Wright Place Wrong Pastor)
(The Obama Myth)
(Obama Apology for PA)
(The Barack Apology)
(Grandma Got Run Over)
(Duet: Ivory and Ebony)
(Jeremiah Pastor)
(Obama: A Vote For Hope)
(Obama: Hope & Change)
(I'm Not Ashamed of My Middle Name)
EIB Parody Commercials
(The Ross Perot Big Ear Institute)
(Cut and Run Conservative)
(If We Could Talk To the Terrorists)
(Rush on the CBS Evening)
(NYT For Terrorists Ad -90)
(Matt Lauer's Answering Machine)
(Club Gitmo Part II)
(Club Gitmo)
(Scare Wars - Episode 3)
(Delay Warning)
(Starvation for Serenity)
(Boxer Thong Collection)
(Ron Artest Greatest Hits)
(Safety Brew)
(Non Competitive Youth Sports)
(Osamas Closeout Sale)
(Come To Montana)
(Liberty Tattoo Removal)
(New Age Educators)
(Chipmunk Cookbook)
(Million Man Math Made Easy)
(Next Gen Washing Machine)
(The Barnacle Brothers 60 Second Sale)
(Bungee Condoms)
(The 60-Second Sale)
(Ford Excuse Ads)
(Dolphin Tuna Commercial)
(CNN's "New Crossfire")
(Reginald Denny's)
(Road Kill Restaurant)
(Crouching Democrat, Hidden Agenda)
Rush Limbaugh Greats
(Rush Battle Hymn)
(Find Food)
(Classic EIB Subliminal Ad)
(Restless Leg Syndrome)
(What A Load)
(Rush Opera Song)
(True Diversity)
(Hans Blix - Just One Look)
(Rasheed Limbaqui)
(Bad Mood On The Right)
(Under My Skin)
(He Needs Gravitas)
(Ali Limbali)
(Chang Limbang)
(Rush's "Shining the Light of Truth")
(Thank The Lord Rush Limbaugh's On)
(Spatula City)
(Starrs War)
Bill & Hillary Clinton
(Clinton Algore Sex Scandal)
(Martha Coakley Answering Machine)
(Clinton Coakley Ad)
(Bill Clinton: Always Bitching)
(Bill Clinton: Every Little Thing She Does)
(Bill & Hillary Charitable Foundation)
(Party of Love)
(Spitzer: Love Client No9)
(It's 3AM)
(Conservatives for Hillary)
(Bill Clinton: Crying)
(Bill Clinton Sings Barry Obama)
(Hillary Likeable)
(Hillary Nutcracker)
(Hill & Rev. Al Sing At Obama)
(Bill Calls Oprah)
(Bill Calls Wolf)
(Hillary "Conversation" One)
(Hillary "Conversation" Two)
(Bill Coaches Hillary)
(Hillary Cackle) *Warning*
(Hillary Screams) *Warning*
(Middle Class Express)
(Hillary: For Prez)
(Hillary: Testicle Lockbox)
(Hillary: Chinese Tramps)
(Hillary Ad: "Invisible")
(Coal Miners Daughter)
(Hillary Dialect System)
(Hillary: Stood By My Man)
(Bill Calls Hollywood)
( Chat Audio)
(Clinton Edits 'The Path to 9/11')
(Funeral Crashers, The Movie)
(Your Price is Right)
(Count Taxula)
(Road to Perversion)
(Womb To The Tomb)
(Clinton Rehab Tour)
(I Am So Beautiful)
(Hey, Paula)
(Werewolves in Congress)
(Mrs. Jones You've Got a Lovely Daughter)
(This Land Was Your Land)
(All I'm Gonna Do)
(Twelve Days of Clinton)
(Here Comes Ramadan)
(True Christmas)
(Walkin' In A Liberal Wonderland)
(O Hillary)
(Clinton Christmas Carols)
(Had Myself A Scary Little Intern)
(They'll Get You Babe)
(Try to Remember)
(This Land Was Your Land)
(Oh, Denise 42)
(Bill Clinton's "Price is Right!")
(Ballad of the Black Beret)
(Mama You Look Fine - Bimbo #5)
(Charming Billy)
(Hometown Girl)
(She Can Build a New World)
(Talking Out of Both Sides Now)
(The Liar King)
Albert Arnold Algore, Jr. & Joe Lieberman
(Tipper Footprint)
(Clinton Algore Sex Scandal)
(Algore in Rio)
(We Blinded You With Science!)
(Algore: Global Warming Wonderland)
(Update Theme: I Started A Joke)
(Algore Visits White House)
(Algore Accepts Prize)
(Moose Research)
(Bill Calls Al)
(Ball of Fire)
(What a Horrible World)
(Carville Calls Algore)
(Clinton Calls Lieberman)
(New Soros Anti-Lieberman)
(New Movie: Inconvenient Al)
(Search For Liberal Rush 1 -Algore)
(Algore for "Post Election Syndrome")
(Joe Candidate)
(Search For Liberal Rush -Lieberman)
(Algore Paradise)
(Uncle Albert!)
(Forrest Gore)
(Vice Vice Baby)
(Louie, Louie)

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